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Steak Culinary Dish

Redefining Culinary 

Savory Sensations & Delicious Destinations

We’ve developed more than 90 different restaurant concepts, leveraging partnerships with leading culinary experts to help us create some of the most groundbreaking dining experiences in the industry. 

From exquisite fine dining and private chef’s-table tastings to fun themed dinners and team-building cooking competitions, our culinary offerings are fresh, exciting, delectable and surprising. We customize each of our culinary programs to their distinctive destinations, delivering authentic concepts that highlight local flavors and atmosphere while showcasing regional approaches to food preparation. 

Today’s travelers are sophisticated in their food choices and continually redefining their desires. We’re responding with some of the most creative and exciting menus in the industry, keeping us on the leading edge of consumer interest.

Stephan Pyles

Renowned Chef

Gourmet Greatness 

Chef Stephan Pyles is leading a renaissance in American cooking, pioneering New American Cuisine and the hugely popular Modern Southwestern Cuisine. Working in partnership with our talented chefs, Home Office and general managers, Pyles is creating innovative programs in food and beverage recruitment, restaurant design, culinary training, research, menu development, operations, and marketing and branding that are helping Benchmark reach ambitious new culinary levels.

Reflecting the best of regional and local ingredients and culinary styles, Chef Pyles’ initiatives are helping Benchmark provide extraordinary cuisine for exceptional guest experiences at every level, from a corporate event to dinner for two to room service.

The scope of this initiative is international and must address a growing variety of consumer demands. Our guests are far more conscious of wellness, environmental issues, animal welfare and the origins of the food they consume.

-Stephan Pyles

Lamb Chops In Skillet

Fresh Ideas

Unique and Indulgent Culinary Experiences 

Our chefs take a holistic, sustainable approach to the memorable dining experiences they offer. They listen to our guests and work closely with suppliers to forge new culinary paths that reflect the adventurous tastes of many of today’s travelers. 

This forward-thinking approach isn’t limited to what’s on the plate. We also offer our guests sophisticated beverage programs led by expert sommeliers and mixologists. From acclaimed wine lists and imaginative cocktail menus to craft beers that offer local flare, our beverage selections are carefully crafted to complement the style and cuisine of each restaurant.

Culinary Staff Chatting

From Fine Dining to Fun Dining

Creative Cuisine Concepts

Our culinary experiences are customized for each location and market, constantly exploring new ways to utilize locally grown food products and cuisine and providing unique flavors targeted to that particular destination or client. From casual grab-and-go cafes, to poolside dining, to profitable three-meal, market-style and fine-dining restaurants, Benchmark prides itself on creating unique, indigenous concepts and experiences that produce world-class food while driving bottom-line profitability. In addition to acclaimed fine dining, our properties also offer casual and fun themed culinary experiences, including:

  • Texas State Fair menu at Hotel Contessa (San Antonio, TX)
  • Luau, complete with a roasted suckling pig, at Turtle Bay Resort (Oahu, HI)
  • Paella Party at Costa D’Este (Vero Beach, FL)
  • Cookouts and clambakes at Doral Arrowwood (Rye Brook, NY)

Featured Restaurants

Indulgence for Every Appetite 

Essex Resort and Spa
  1. Junction

The Essex Resort & Spa

In addition to the quirky décor, you’ll enjoy the scents and sounds of the open kitchen and the flavors and textures of the creative tasting menus.

Willows Lodge
  1. Barking Frog

Willows Lodge

One of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the Northwest, the Barking Frog’s warm, bistro-like dining room features food inspired by the seasons.

Santa Barbara Resort
  1. Shore 

Santa Barbara Resort, Curaçao

Featuring a show kitchen, covered outdoor dining and breathtaking views, Shore offers an authentic Caribbean dining experience.

Snow King Resort
  1. Haydens Post

 Snow King Hotel

Haydens Post pairs the authenticity of Western cuisine with the finesse of accomplished chefs for a warm yet sophisticated dining experience.

Culinary Dish

Seeking Balance

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Experience & Value

With annual food and beverage sales of more than $180 million, we strive to maximize revenue opportunities while continuing to push the culinary envelope for our guests.

Revenue generation
We create dining experiences that are fresh, inventive and customized to their location.

Cost control
We price our menus with a balance of profitability, market penetration and consumer value in mind.