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 Brand versus Independent

In recent years, the topic of “brand versus independent” has become increasingly popular.  Every industry conference has a panel titled  the same, numerous articles – and blogs – are being written on the topic by every publication, HotelNewsNow recently launched a newsletter dedicated to independent hotels, the inaugural Independent Lodging Congress took place in Philadelphia in late 2013 focused on gathering the owners and operators of independent hotels, and if that were not enough, numerous high profile “de-flagging” lawsuits have certainly highlighted the topic.  

 While it is hard to attribute the peaking interest on this topic to only a few things, clearly owners are questioning the cost/benefit of a chain affiliation, internet distribution and marketing have dramatically leveled the playing field over the past 10 years, customer loyalty is not what it used to be and consumer preferences are certainly evolving.  Despite all of the hype and attention, very little has been written on this topic from the perspective of an independent operator.   Clearly, independent operators are a little biased on the topic, but they are also overly discounted by many because of years of bias in the financing community and media in favor of chains.  So, here’s some perspective to consider through the eyes of an operator of independent hotels. 


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