As a globally recognized leader in Conference Center management and marketing, Benchmark has unveiled the Benchmark Conference Center designation. Under the umbrella of Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, this prestigious designation reflects that a property has achieved and met a rigorous set of criteria and performs to the highest standards in the industry.

Only the very best can proudly covet and display this prestigious recognition. The cornerstone and pillar to Benchmark’s recognized achievement as an industry leader in hotel management, is our positioning as the pioneer in the delivery of the exclusive Benchmark Conference Plan (BCP).

With three decades of experience in conference center marketing and management, Benchmark paved the way for this unique, compelling, and exclusive feature that is centered on extraordinary hospitality, innovative and inclusive conference planning and packaging, and a customer-centric delivery.

Group and conference attendees are provided with a comprehensive meeting package which include meals, refreshment breaks, audio visual, and meeting rooms.

 Trusted Operators

Our  IACC designated properties, deliver to the rigid standards of the International association of conference centers. In addition to being extremely attractive and cost advantageous to the needs of many meeting planning professionals, the Benchmark conference plan program creates an extremely profitable revenue stream for the property as well.

Benchmark has a storied history with a long list of Fortune 500 companies who have trusted us to help design and operate their corporate universities and leadership centers at the same level of personalized service and product quality they became accustomed to in our open-market resorts and hotels.

Starting with the first two corporate training centers developed for Exxon and Shell in the early 80's, Benchmark continues to be at the forefront of the most advanced leadership educational centers in the world.

More recently, we developed and operate leadership centers for Lockheed Martin and Deloitte, which integrate an experience reflective of their corporate culture into their private full service hotel/conference center operations. Additionally, we have managed and continue to be a trusted partner to great companies such as IBM, AT&T, Sun Microsystems, JP Morgan, Pfizer, Capital One and Whirlpool.