The Benchmark Difference

At Benchmark, we deliver our "Be the Difference" service philosophy throughout our hotels and resorts, inspiring every employee, at every level, in every job. Our goal is to live every day capturing service moments when we can be the difference - to a guest, to each other, to our communities. "Be the Difference" is a way of living. It involves being of service in a way that is personalized and creates a memory. It's about owning the opportunity to make each experience special by anticipating the needs of guests, and making their stay something to talk about. To "Be the Difference", our employees put their all into their work. Simply put, they are the heartbeat of our company with a priority of service, striving to make each guest experience an amazing memory that can be relived time and again.

"Be the Difference" inspires every employee to make each guest experience memorable.

To support our message to "Be the Difference," our management team consistently shares special stories from various properties with their team. These stories help unite our teams across the nation, solidifying the focus we have on customer service and providing our guests with the ultimate experience.